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Tradelines/Authorized Users for Sale

JPMCB $25k

Opened May 2015 (9 Years old) perfect payment history


Opened Oct 2019 (5 Years old) Perfect history.

Citicard $970

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank $15.4k

Opened May 2018 (6 Years Old) Perfect History

AMEX $3.1K

Opened April 2022 (2 Years old). Perfect History.


Opened March 2011 (13 Years old). Prefect Payment History


Opened July 2012 (12 Yrs Old) Perfect History.

Barclays Bank Delaware $5.4k

Opened May 2018 (6 Years old). Perfect History

Macys/CBNA $1K

Opened July 2017 (7 Yrs Old) Perfect History.


FAQ Section - Credco Management
Can tradelines help buy a car?
Tradelines can improve your credit score, which is crucial when applying for a car loan. Lenders assess your creditworthiness to determine the interest rate, loan amount, and repayment terms. By adding tradelines with a long history of on-time payments and low credit utilization, you can enhance your credit profile and boost your chances of obtaining favorable financing terms for a car.
Can tradelines help credit scores?
Yes, tradelines can improve your credit score. When you become an authorized user on a tradeline with positive payment history and low credit utilization, this information is reflected on your credit report, potentially boosting your credit score by showing responsible credit management.
Can you buy tradelines?
Yes, you can buy credit tradelines to improve your credit score. Credco Management offers seasoned tradelines with positive payment histories and low credit utilization rates. It is important to research and choose reputable companies to avoid potential legal issues and damage to your credit.
How many tradelines can you have?
There is no set limit to the number of tradelines you can have on your credit report. However, adding too many at once can raise suspicions among lenders. It is better to have a mix of different types of tradelines and focus on quality over quantity, ensuring they have a history of on-time payments and low credit utilization.
How many tradelines should I buy?
The number of tradelines you should buy depends on your specific credit situation and goals. Assess your credit report for areas of improvement and add tradelines gradually to avoid raising red flags with lenders. Aim to maintain a low credit utilization ratio and choose tradelines with positive payment histories.
How long does it take for tradelines to post?
The time it takes for tradelines to post on your credit report can vary from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the tradeline company and the credit reporting agency. Some providers offer expedited reporting to speed up the process.
Where to buy tradelines?
You can buy tradelines from reputable companies like Credco Management, which specialize in tradeline services. Ensure the company meets your credit goals and has positive customer reviews, transparent processes, and excellent customer service.
Where to sell tradelines?
If you want to sell tradelines, consider working with a company like Credco Management that specializes in buying and selling tradelines. Look for companies with positive customer reviews and transparent processes, and ensure you have credit stability before selling.
What are the best tradelines to buy?
The best tradelines to buy depend on your credit goals and financial situation. Effective tradelines have a long history of positive accounts, high credit limits, and low utilization rates. Consider how the tradelines align with your long-term credit future, as high-quality tradelines can improve your access to better credit terms.
Why are tradelines important?
Tradelines are essential for improving your credit score and creditworthiness. They can help establish a positive credit history, improve your credit utilization ratio, and diversify your credit mix, all of which are factors that lenders consider when evaluating credit applications.
What are tradelines used for?
Tradelines are primarily used to increase credit scores and improve creditworthiness. They can also be used for credit repair by balancing negative items on your credit report with positive tradelines. This can increase your chances of loan approval and achieving other financial goals.
How do you buy tradelines to boost your credit score?
To buy tradelines, first identify reputable companies like Credco Management. Ensure the tradelines complement your current credit profile. Once purchased, you will be added as an authorized user on the accounts, and the positive account history will appear on your credit report within a billing cycle.